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o its just my child. 

this is too cute

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Excuse me, Patti Labelle could sing the alphabet and be right choice. She is perfection!

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Jun 21, 2013

What I Learned About Karter So Far

Karter is 2 months & 14 days old lol

  1. He loves Octonaunts, Mickey Mouse Club House, Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  2. He finds our fireplace amusing
  3. Karter can get fussy if he can’t express how he feels lol
  4. At 2 Months he’s already trying to stand and sit up.
  5. He enjoys cooing a lot and holding conversation 
  6. Karter hates tummy time
  7. He loves reading time
  8. He also hates bath time
  9. He loves getting his hair brush
  10. Karter can recognize his Mema and uncle
  11. Karter enjoys when you sing and clap at the same time

I know number 4 sounds crazy. i’m going to video tape it. What he does is pushes his body up by his legs so he can stand and he tries to take steps. It’s crazy especially since he is 2 months. Overall he is definitely an early learner. 

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This is my son Karter he was sleepy yet holding a conversation with me Lol

I packed my good camera some where so I had to use my celluar. :( but this is my Prince

May 25, 2013
May 7, 2013

Today Karter turned 1 Month

My baby boy has been trying to coo all day! He is such a sweetheart 


I just died! This is THE cutest thing in the world 😍
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I just died! This is THE cutest thing in the world 😍

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Apr 11, 2013

Hey Tumblr

Still trying to recover from my c-section. To be honest my over all experience as being pregnant wasn’t so bad as far as pain. I did had labor pains but at the same time it felt bearable until they induce it but the way everything worked out was helpful for my son because if I would have stuck with vaginal he would not be here basically. 

Over all Karter is very calm and laid back. He barely cries and if he does it’s if he’s really hungry or has pooped.

I’m really grateful for everything that has happen. 

Apr 6, 2013

This Week

My body has been going through a lot preparing it’s self for Baby Karter’s arrival. I  am so excited, exhausted, and soar as ever lol! Mmm… my body has been leaking fluid but it’s not from the  sack which is great however I have been cramping as if my menstrual is coming on. It’s the strongest pain ever and I did experience a 1 minute contraction I am guessing because this pain was different. 

I have been trying to do some nesting for the longest but it’s taking me so long because I am constantly stopping long periods of times. Thanks to Meema (my mom) she is up stair in my room now getting things ready for Karter’s arrival which is in a few days.